Emergency General Surgery in Deployed Settings

A discussion about the JTS Emergency General Surgery CPG with CDR Jacob Glazer, MD, a Navy Trauma & Critical Care Surgeon and Maj Andrew Hall, MD from USAF CSTARS.    

Not all casualties are trauma patients on the battlefield. Listen to this podcast about the considerations for emergency surgery in the deployed setting that may seem like routine surgery but requires unique decisions.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Overall need and purpose for a emergency general surgery
  • Surgical decision-making in the deployed environment
  • Common non-trauma conditions requiring emergency surgery
  • Various surgical patient populations in the deployed setting
  • Approaches to surgical decision-making with limitations on diagnostics and reliance on physical exams
  • Decision matrix in the CPG
  • Identification of emergent versus urgent surgical patients
  • Decisions based on follow-on care needs
  • Integrating surgical decision-making with command and mission requirements
  • Post-surgical and evacuation decision-making

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