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Battle and Non-Battle Injury Documentation

In this podcast, Col Stacy Shackelford, USAF, MC, Chief of Performance Improvement with the Joint Trauma System, discusses the Battle and Non-Battle Injury Documentation Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG). Listen to Col Shackelford as she explains the documentation process for the Trauma Resuscitation Record.

  • Importance of documentation
  • Documentation referenced in this CPG is specific to Role 2 and Role 3 levels of care
  • Documentation requirements for trauma patients
  • Continuity of the resuscitation record as the patient transitions to different levels of care
  • Uploading records into the Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS)
  • Documentation requirements in addition to the Trauma Resuscitation Record
  • Determining which patients require a Trauma Resuscitation Record
  • Steps to ensure records are transmitted to the Trauma Registry
  • Where can providers find the Trauma Resuscitation Record template?


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